Helping you to meet your cashflow and investment needs

As a manufacturing or engineering company, regular payments for wages, materials, energy and maintenance can stretch your cash flow.

At the same time, you need to upgrade machinery and equipment to maintain a competitive advantage while keeping pace with legislation and advances in technology. Often though, these investment needs are offset by the need to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Manufacturing funding can help your business if you want to upgrade a key piece of equipment, move to a new factory, buy new assets, or expand. We can support you by providing Factoring, Export Factoring and Credit Protection services. 

The benefits to your manufacturing company

Our funding can help you to:

  • Manage your day-to-day cashflow
  • Keep up with demand and reinvest in your business
  • Invest manufacturing equipment and materials to streamline production

  • Take advantage of opportunities for growth both domestically and internationally
  • Simplify your administration work flow with our accounts receivable management services

Why choose us?

We can help you because:

  • We understand the challenges faced by manufacturers and their specific funding requirements
  • We fund wide range of manufacturing businesses from printing and engineering businesses, through to plastics and electrical
  • We can provide funding to help manage your cash flow and also purchase essential assets

  • We support your business world-wide with our global network
  • We provide flexibility on your funding limit to align with your business growth


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