Why use Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring allows businesses to release cash tied up in outstanding invoices and is efficient because we manage your sales ledger, credit control and collect payments from your customers.

It improves your cash flow and can free up your time because we manage your invoicing and debt collection processes. Factoring services are ideal for businesses that face cash flow challenges and want factoring companies to manage collections on their behalf from their customers.

Having a factoring facility frees up your time allowing you to generate more business rather than undertaking the more tedious task of ensuring your invoices are paid. Factoring gives you quicker access to cash without worrying about building up debt.

You may already have a factoring partner or are new to factoring and exploring options to improve cash flow in your business. You might be an established business or a young business. You might be dealing with seasonal fluctuations. Whatever your situation, our Factoring solutions can help you manage or grow your business.

We are experienced in working across a number of sectors including: marine and offshore financing; construction; manufacturing; manpower; logistics and transportation; wholesale; young business.

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How Factoring works?

invoice sent

Invoice your customers

And send a copy to us


We pay up to 80% of the value of your invoice

Within 24hrs, allowing you to pay your staff, suppliers and take on new orders


We collect payment on your behalf

Leaving you to focus on running your business


We pay you any remaining balances

Minus any agreed fees

Features and Benefits of Invoice Factoring

What we do:

  • We release up to 80 per cent of your invoice value within 24 hours of you issuing the invoice to your customer. Allowing you to pay suppliers or invest in new opportunities
  • The cash you can access grows in line with your sales
  • We liaise with your customers looking after your credit control and sales ledger management
  • We can offer Credit Protection – which provides reassurance, knowing you’ll receive payment and safeguard your cash flow if your customers are unable to make payment or become insolvent
  • You have full control having access to our 24/7 Client Online service

Benefits of Invoice Factoring:

  • Speed: You get access to cash in 24 hours
  • Flexibility: You can boost your cash flow without the need for debt
  • Better Cash Flow: Up to 80 per cent of your invoice is advanced to you – when we receive payment from your customer, you receive the remainder, minus our fees
  • Security: You minimise late payments and bad debt
  • Opportunity: Take advantage of discounts from suppliers because with better cash flow you’ll be able to buy larger volumes or take advantage of supplier discounts for early payment
  • Insight: We can give you useful information about the credit standing of your customers, which can help you negotiate better terms with your suppliers

Why choose Bibby Financial Services?

Bibby Financial Services has experience working with business owners across many sectors internationally. Over 10,500 businesses use our services.

We are a long-standing family owned business that takes pride in the work we do to help businesses grow and thrive. We work hard to understand your business so we can tailor options that work for you. We take the hassle of chasing invoice payments away, so you can concentrate on managing your business.

We also provide a dedicated Accounts Receivable Management platform, which frees up your time and resources. Your invoices are our assets. No tangible security is required.

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Looking to change Invoice Factoring Providers?

If you have Factoring with another provider but are looking to change then get in touch with our professional team for an initial confidential discussion or to arrange a meeting to find out more about the benefits of Factoring with us.

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