Designed specifically for the Manpower Supply industry

We understand that you need to pay temporary workers and contractors, often before your own invoices have been paid.

Mid-month Funding is a flexible cash flow solution for businesses in manpower supply industry. It allows you to receive partial funding earlier in the middle of every month, that ensures your cash flow is always sufficient to pay for salaries, CPF and levies.

How to get in touch to get your cash flowing…

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How does mid-month funding work?


Invoice your customers

…and upload the details using our secure online portal


You receive partial funding in the mid-month

…and the rest after delivery of service, total amount up to 80% of invoice value


We collect payment

…leaving you to focus on running your business


We pay you any remaining balances

…minus our pre-agreed fees

  • Flexible funding schedule to improve cash flow position
  • Bridge the gap between billings and payments
  • Collection undertaken by trained personnel to free up your time and resources

Key Benefits

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Invoices paid within 24 hours

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Integrated back office with industry knowledge

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Relationship-based approach

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24/7 client online service



With the option of Credit Protection

Is Mid-Month funding right for you?

Your business is suitable for mid-month funding if you:

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tick Are a manpower agency

tick Issue your clients with credit terms of between 30 and 90 days