What is Export Factoring

what is export factoring

What is Export Factoring?

When your business exports goods or services, the payment terms on your invoices can span over a lengthy period, which can cause cash flow issues due to the up-front costs needed for producing and delivering these goods.

Export factoring helps release the cash from these cross-border trade invoices that would otherwise be tied-up until the payment due date.

This specialist finance solution allows businesses to grow and increase trade.

how does export factoring work

How does Export Factoring work?

When you send an invoice to your overseas customer, you also send a copy of the invoice to the bank or financial services provider, such as Bibby Financial Services, that is offering the export factoring facility.

They will send you up to 80% of the invoice value, and if with Bibby Financial Services, then this is sent within 24 hours.

The bank or financial services provider will then collect the payment on your behalf and when payment has been received you will be sent the remaining balance minus any agreed fees.

Export Factoring & Finance FAQs

why bfs export factoring

Why come to Bibby Financial Services for Export Factoring?

We help our clients overcome the many challenges of selling goods or services abroad. Bibby Financial Services has over 35 years’ experience supporting businesses in this way and we’re listed on the LIS ‘s Approved Financial Institution List.

which countries do bfs do export factoring in

Which countries and sectors do you specialize in Export Factoring?

We operate in over 40 locations, across 14 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. We understand trade cycles within international markets and specialize in Export Factoring to the following countries:

  • Europe: France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK and Ireland
  • North America: USA and Canada
  • Asia Pacific: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia

And in the following industry sectors:

  • Chemicals
  • Food Related Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Precision Engineering


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