What is Progress Claim Finance?

Progress Claim Finance provides cash flow solution to contractors that are paid on a progress billing basis. Once a progress billing is made, funding can be released immediately thereby injecting working capital to support your project needs.

Benefits of Progress Claim Finance

  • Release up to 70% of invoice value tied-up in progress billings
  • Bridge up the gap between billings and payments which may take up to 120 days
  • Collection undertaken by trained personnel to free up your time and resources
  • No tangible security required
  • 24/7 online Accounts Receivable Management at your fingertips

How it works?

Step 1: Submit Invoice

Send a copy of your progress billings to us

Step 2: Receive funding

Immediate cash advance up to 70% of invoice value, minus our fee

Step 3: Customer payment

Remaining balance will be refunded upon customer payment

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