What is Mid-month Funding?

Mid-month Funding is a flexible cash flow solution for businesses in manpower supply sector. It allows you to receive partial funding earlier in the middle of every month, which ensures your cash flow is always sufficient to pay for salaries, CPF and levies.

Benefits of Mid-month Funding

  • Flexible funding schedule to improve cash flow position
  • Bridge up the gap between billings and payments
  • Collection undertaken by trained personnel to free up your time and resources
  • No tangible security required
  • 24/7 online Accounts Receivable Management at your fingertips

How it works?

Step 1: Submit Invoice

Send a copy of your monthly invoice to us

Step 2: Receive funding

Receive partial funding in the mid-month and the rest after delivery of service, total amount up to 80% of invoice value, minus our fee

Step 3: Customer payment

Remaining balance will be refunded upon customer payment

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